Thursday, October 6, 2016


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A doctor who’s not certified or updated on these matters, can cause a serious damage to the patient. That’s why Dr. Donato encourages all IPT® Physicians to be in constant training and emits an expiration date on all licenses, to make sure they’re updated and prepared for any complication during the protocol. Unfortunately many doctors take the treatment into their own hands. They think they learned IPT® from someone else, but were never evaluated nor officially certified by Dr. Donato. Others never bother in updating their knowledge and continue administering IPT® without any supervision. This puts the patient at risk.
Timing is everything when it comes to IPT®
It is crucial the IPT® Physician knows the exact time when to perform and expect the “Therapeutic Moment”. If he’s not trained or evaluated in this important part of the procedure, there is a high risk of increasing the adrenergic effect induced by insulin, this means that he won’t have control over how much adrenaline your body releases, leading to an increased blood pressure that will create resistance when administrating the medication, diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment, lower success rates, that means more treatments for the patient without positive results.

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